3 Signs Your Post-Op Checklist is Wasting Time + Costing You Money

What do your patient postoperative checklists, patient educational materials, and other post-exam handouts really say to your patients?

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    Nathan Eckel MSIT

    Host, the Patient Paperwork Podcast

    Who am I?

    "The premise is simple - today, even the minor & mundane parts of your practice can delight your patients, elevate their experience - and set you apart!"

    "Join me for the patient paperwork minute as we talk about simple things you can do to make the difference - and beat today's impersonal, unfair managed care system."

    "Growing up, my father's small-town patients knew he cared. And I want to help you connect with your patients in a meaningful way - through even the most minor & mundane things - like what the quality of your patient paperwork and materials say about you & your practice."